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An appliance in your household which deserves dedicated attention and maintenance, also happens to be one of the homeowner's most dangerous appliances. Proper maintenance requires an expert in furnace repair and cleaning. Bald Eagle Plumbing & Heating understands the important preventative measures for unnecessary repair and/or replacement. Bald Eagle will handle issues that need attention, and make repairs when necessary.

Keep It Clean, Keep It Safe! 

Furnace and duct cleaning and maintenance are required every two years to keep everything running smoothly and safely. Your system’s air filters catch so much dust, hair, and dander, but they aren’t perfect and eventually need some attention. Know the warning signs that it might be time to schedule a cleaning with the furnace experts:

Wisps of dust coming out of your vents

Dust coating the grill on the return air registers

The need for constant dusting around the house

Excessive coughing and sneezing

Allergies happening off-season

Not only with cleaning keep your family healthy and your furnace safe, but it will prevent the need for costly repairs. A dirty furnace has to work harder than usual, and puts stress on its various parts leading to quicker deterioration. Let us keep on top of your regular furnace maintenance, leaving you warm, comfortable, and with peace of mind.

Furnace Repair Experts to The Rescue

Left out in the cold? If your furnace is breaking down call in the Bald Eagle team to save the day! Familiar with all brands of furnaces, our technicians will show with the right tools and parts to get the heat back on. Our HVAC experts are up to date on the latest techniques and innovations to get things working to their best abilities. If you’re having trouble with your blower, motor, filter, or ignition system, then call us right away!






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